SHAYLA is consumed with celebrities and pop culture: their clothing, their hair, their bodyguards, their relationships, their plastic surgery, their pets, their face wash cleansers, and most of all, their shoes. She quit her dead-end corporate job to focus on obtaining the celebrity lifestyle she’s never had. Though she has no real talent, her hope stems from the onslaught of talentless  celebrities whom have beaten her to the punch. Although she has a blog, Twitter feed, and her own web series; self-promotion does not come easy for Shayla. Her boyfriend, Wade, could give a shit about celebrities. With what little savings she has, she’s hired an entourage of mediocre help (Katie, her wardrobe consultant; Theo, her agent and talk show producer; Shawn, her tax consultant and make-up artist; Jason, her bodyguard) to assist her, because that’s what celebrities do.  Predictably Shayla’s life becomes messier, both literally and figuratively.